Friday, September 9, 2011

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness week is taking place this year from February
14 - 20. To celebrate RAK is kicking off the extreme Random Acts of Kindness Challenge. The mission for those bold enough to accept it.

Share your actions and ideas here to inspire others to do the same.

Here are a few ideas to jump start:
* Offer a couple hours of Free Babysitting to parents
* Clean up Grafiti
* Donate Used Books to your local libary
* Donate Used Clothes to your local Good Will or Thrift Store
* Give Carepacks to the homeless
* Make Blankets for the homeless
* Talk with a homeless person
* Give the elderly the Gift of Music
* Make a New Friend today
* Read to a child
* Mentor an At-risk child or teen
* Read to the Elderly
* Return a shopping cart to the appropriate location
* Write a letter to someone who made a difference in your life ( can write that letter to your mom   and your dad)
* Pick Up Groceries for a Neighbor
* Buy someone's lunch (you can pick them randomly at a restaurant)
* Give directions to someone who is lost
* Pick up trash within your neighbor
* Treat someone to fresh fruits
* Wash a car (yes..Mom or Dad or even your brother, sister and a friend)
* Leave a generous tips (remember waiters and waitresses are there to earn a living)
* Rake your neighbor's yard
* Say "Good Morning" and mean it
* Pay someone's toll
* Mow a neighbor's lawn
* Use less plastic
* Send someone an eCard
* Transport someone who can't drive
* Bring your co-worker a special treat
* Bring your classmate a special treat
* Help your classmate with his/her homework
* Be a designated driver
* Be kind to someone you dislike
* Call or visit someone who is sick
* Cook dinner for mom and dad
* Embrace your mistake (this is a tuffy, but you can do it)
* Encourage someone
* Give event tickets to someone ( can be a movie ticket)
* Give out free popsicles
* Help someone load and unload their groceries
* Give someone a big hug
* Introduce yourself to a new classmate
* Thank you mail carier (yes we often forget our mail carrier)
* Say something nice to someone (yes....even the people you dislike)
* Be generous with compliments
* Plant a tree
* Bake someone a cake
* Give someone a vacation
* Help someone move

Well there are plenty to help you jump start your challenge.